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Nom-Nos | Amenti collective

Artistic director and dancer Gil Gomes Leal (known for his work on So You Think You Can Dance, among others) creates neomythic dance theater with Amenti Theatre Company, where ancient myths and stories are transformed into new material. Through dance, puppetry, rituals, and oral storytelling, the cast connects with their ancestors, their invisible lifeline to the mother continent, their roots, and the safety and familiarity of the soul.

Off-beat: an evening of experiments

Off Beat promises an evening of daring experimentation, showcasing performances by Sarah Prescimone, Salman Dirir, Mensja Collective, and Carmen Verduyn & Terence Van Lange. These talented artists push the boundaries of conventional artistic expression, offering a unique blend of creativity and innovation.

Urban Theater Night

Urban Theatre Night, hosted by Juvat Westendorp, promises an exhilarating showcase of talent with performances. The lineup features a diverse array of performances, including the Oxygen, TIME, Ground Zero Company under the direction of Deniz Karadeniz, Balder Hansen, Simon Bus and Roy Overdijk. With this mix of artists, Urban Theatre Night is set to be a thrilling exploration of urban culture and creativity.


In Suriname we speak Sranan Tongo – a language of everyone and no one at the same time. A composite language, created from the 22 languages spoken here. It goes so deep, that we can’t even think in just one language.

In CREOLE, choreographer Shailesh Bahoran explores the concept of creolization by immersing himself in the culture of his native country. The fertile soil of Suriname has been the backdrop of endless exchange between diverse cultures for centuries. Customs and traditions from Africa, America, Asia and Europe have merged over the years into a powerful culture full of energy and connection.

May 9th @Natlab
20.00 – 22.00

Blind Spot

In a world where we are surrounded by stimuli, we often close off our senses. In Blind Spot – Eindhoven, choreographer Jelena Kostić makes visible and tangible what is right in front of us. In a theatrical walk full of contrasts, the urban environment, dance and freerunning come together to open our eyes to new perspectives.

The performance will start punctually at café De Oude Telefooncentrale (Professor Horowitzstraat 200). Be there in advance to have your ticket scanned and to receive headphones. The performance ends at the Evoluon (Noord Brabantlaan 1a). From there, it’s a 15-minute (distance: 1 km) walk back to the starting point (or you can take the bus for two stops).

Please note: This performance consists of a walk through the city, and the weather can be unpredictable. Please bring a rain jacket and/or umbrella in case of rain!

DOUBLE BILL: Cristian Boscheri & Justin de Jager

About Stream of Unconsciousness
Have you ever had a brief but profound moment of absolute clarity? Few years ago dance-comedian Cristian Boscheri experienced it. Since then, he has been obsessed to recapture that elusive experience.

The dance-comedian even turned scientist to develop a way to control human perception, where dance moves, quirky humor and mathematics collide to harvest precious insights from his audience.

About Brothers
At its core, Brothers showcases the brotherly collaborative bond between Justin de Jager and Sem Deliveyne. They literally met in a ‘threading cypher’ and were blown away by each other’s expertise within the concept. Brothers originated during the Here We Live And Now program at Korzo in The Hague.

What started as a 20-minute version quickly grew into a larger project with Justin and Sem as the driving forces. The duo felt a deep calling to further develop Brothers into a full-length location performance.

May 8th @Natlab Eindhoven
20.30 – 22.00


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