The best of Urban Dance

The main event

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The Main event | The Best of Urban Dance

Saturday evening – May 4th – you will discover ‘The Best of Urban Dance’. Only the very best dancers will showcase their skills. Get ready for Planet Pop’N, XJAM, and Open Your Mind.

Planet Pop’N
Planet Pop’N is an international dance competition by and for the Popping Dance Culture. The event serves as a key opportunity for the local and international dance community to come together and connect regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.

XJAM is hosting a 1 vs 1 hip-hop battle in the midst of the street market. It’s a raw showcase of talent, where competitors go head-to-head, captivating the crowd with their skills in dance and rhyme. Join us for an unforgettable event right in the heart of the Hip-hop market.

Open Your Mind
Open Your Mind represents the blurring of boundaries between competition and theater, serving as an open platform for dancers of various genres. Here, you’ll encounter ballerinas, breakers, hip-hoppers, circus performers, and who knows even a belly dancer. It’s all about courage, creativity, and innovation.

The Main weekend

Do you want to be immersed not just for one evening but for an entire weekend in various types of dance? Including a pre-party, after-party, and theater pieces? Do you enjoy strolling through the market to grab some merchandise and attending workshops by and for dancers? Then go for a weekend ticket.

Also good to know: the entire weekend, Blindspot is happening at Strijp. It’s a fantastic theater program that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.


• Urban theater night in the Philipszaal
• Pre-party in the Kameleon
• Grand opening in the Theater Café


• Open Your Mind battle in the Philipszaal
• X-JAM battle at the streetmarket
• Planet Pop’N and afterparty in the Kameleon
• Hip-hop marketplace


• Breakdance Championship (DBC) in the Philipszaal
• Workshops in the Hertog-Jan Zaal
• Braincandies in the Kameleon
• Cross-over program – a.k.a. mini battle – between Open Your Mind and Planet Pop’N
• Hip-hop marketplace


Event Ticket

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