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Vince Charming

Meet Vince Charming: the hip-hop legend who brings a whirlwind of energy wherever he goes. During his interview, he takes us on a journey through his career. He shares how his love for dance and performance originated, what the tour life looked like, how he found his way into the theater, what it’s like to own a dance school, and how he continues to derive satisfaction from dance, MCing, and organizing to this day. This hustlepreneur serves as an inspiration to many. Listen to or watch the complete interview.


Juvat’s motto: if you want something, work for it. And this permeates his entire career. He recounts how, as a little boy, he entertained people, tells how he discovered breakdance, and then transitioned into the acting world. He also discusses the importance on finding purpose in life. In his view, everyone has qualities, and it’s only when those are utilized that you truly flourish. ‘Each one teach one’ is, not without reason, a core value in his own dance school. Listen to or watch the complete interview with Juvat.


Professional dancer, popping queen, and medical doctor. Tawatha does it all. How on earth does she manage to pull it off? Hear it straight from here! In the podcast and video, she reveals that as a nine-year-old girl, she already knew she wanted to become a doctor. Additionally, she shares how she combines her dance career with her medical career, talks about the PhD she is currently pursuing, narrates her victory in the 50-hour Dance Marathon, and much more.

Lucas Benjamin

Lucas Benjamin is a DJ, promoter, and full-time musicologist. In an interview with us, he shares the ins and outs of his career. All the highs and lows are discussed. He talks about dancing battle after battle, traveling the world, and living his dream life. He also opens up about hitting a low point, its impact on him, and how he emerged from it. Lucas has never left the scene. In this genuine, honest, and beautiful interview, you get to know the man behind the mustache. It’s a must-see or must-hear. So, what are you waiting for?