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Fusion Formula

Fusion Formula: by Robozee, where we’ll explore a part of Illusionary Dance Styles Mentality (IDSM) and the crucial role of connectivity in smooth movement transitions. Throughout the workshop, participants will learn to synchronize movements effortlessly, treating them as building blocks that come together harmoniously. Through the pulse of the music, participants will segment the body, honing coordination skills and gaining a deeper understanding of how to represent different dance styles.


In this workshop specifically we will be focusing on what foundational elements are core to the main 5 “Boogaloo” styles and current communities of dance. Popping, Animation, Struttin’, Tutting, & Waving. We will learn how to utilize them separately as well as how to be clever and effective when mixing them. Most importantly, we will encourage folks to dance as themselves within these styles and ultimately help propel their process in pushing their own personal flavor within the Popping dance.


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Admir Mirena

Step ahead in the break circle with Admir. The infinite source of breaking is not just about dance; it’s a celebration of Hip Hop culture, an artistic expression intertwined with athleticism. Admir embodies this ethos, drawing on his 20 years of experience to guide others along their journey. In his workshop, he doesn’t just teach technique. He fosters a holistic approach to growth, encouraging each participant to tap into their unique potential. With Admir, the break circle becomes more than a space for movement. It’s a platform for personal transformation and empowerment.