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Brain Candies Live Large

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#BRAIN CANDY LARGE LIVE is an event where people from diverse backgrounds come together in a playful manner, sharing their opinions on crucial societal issues.

This #BRAINCANDIES LIVE SESSION is dedicated to the theme “Understanding HipHop Dance Culture”.

Over the past 51 years, Hip Hop culture has not only thrived but also shaped the cultural landscape globally. Whether you’re deeply entrenched in the world of dance or just curious about this influential movement, this session offers something for everyone. Exploring Hip Hop dance culture provides insights into creativity, community, and the power of artistic expression that transcend boundaries.

The evening programs consist of 4 talks, each lasting about 10 minutes, with interactive activities between each talk. The program and talks are conducted in English.

TAWATHA STEENDAM – Leading a double life: academics with extraordinary second careers
CHRIS “ROBOZEE” ZACHARAS – Discover Influence and Inspiration in Unlikely Directions
XENIA SAIRENTO – Passion and courage
ANDRE “DROSHA” GREKHOV – A brief history of experimental hip hop dance

At #BRAINCANDIES LARGE LIVE, the audience is an active participant, turning this into a collective effort rather than a task solely on the shoulders of the speakers. We have fun, inspire each other, and share unconventional moments with new people. Four speakers convey a message on the theme “Understanding HipHop Dance Culture,” and 50 members of the audience are encouraged to interact with each other through various creative activities.

Following the event, there will be drinks at the Theatercafé. The program lasts 2 hours and talks are in English.


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